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Respond to Zendesk tickets, without leaving your Hubspot CRM
Connect Zendesk to our extension and gain full visibility into a customers support activity without ever leaving your CRM. Review SLA’s, see what open tickets are waiting, assign new tickets, respond to pending tickets, and more. One tab, endless possibilities.
Make your SQL database work for you
Databread makes it easy to connect your SQL data, opening up access to valuable usage and adoption data. Update passwords, review login patterns, and more without ever leaving your Support software - everything you need to make informed decisions, at your fingertips.

How It Works

We make it easy - no complicated configuration, no technical knowledge needed - just three simple steps and you’re on your way.

Google Chrome Extension
Install the Chrome Extension

Databread works on all Chromium based browsers - including Chrome & Edge - and can be installed in one click from the Chrome store.

Secured credentials
Connect your tools

Once you sign up, connect & configure all of your favorite SaaS tools, SQL Databases, or internal API’s. No code or technical expertise required.

Browse as usual
Browse websites as usual

On any website, just click on the Databread icon to immediately access all of your connected tools, their data, and any related information.


Why use Databread

With the average tech company working within 12+ different tools, it can feel like you spend most of your day searching for the information you need. Databread automatically brings you all of the contextual information you need, no matter what platform you're currently visiting.

Keep your existing workflows

The last thing you need is another tool to set-up, learn, and keep track of. Databread lets you stay in the tools you know and love while surfacing the information you need.

Access live data

Databread connects directly to external APIS so you always see up-to-date data, without any delay. And because we believe in #no-code, you can set it up yourself!

Take (custom) action

Trigger an email, create a contact, update a ticket, and more. Custom actions let you simply execute multi-step workflows with the single push of a button. Compatible with Zapier.

Your view, your way

Databread lets you design the sidebar that really surfaces what's important to you. Select the most relevant information, cut out the noise and get to what matters.

Integrate with your favorite Tools

Databread enables you to connect and combine data from all your existing SaaS tools, your SQL database and even your own REST API. New integrations are added monthly.
Google Sheets

Designed to be fast and secure

Databread has been developed with one clear focus: increase your productivity while keeping your data safe. That said, we know that giving access to your data can be scary! The below info will help put you at ease:

No! Databread acts as the intermediary between your tools but we do not store any data ourselves.

Databread inherits the permissions that were initially setup on the connected platform, ensuring that you have clear insight into everyone's access every step of the way.

As a layer on top of your SaaS & internal tools, our permissions build on those you've already established - allowing you to set more specific and granular permissions for your Databread instance.

We are working hard to add new integrations every month. Feel free to let us know what integrations you want added by clicking on the Help button in the lower right corner of the page.

No credit card is needed to start a trial. You will have 14 days to test and see how much you like it!


Don't wait! To celebrate our launch, we are offering special, launch pricing until our 1 Year Anniversary on November 3rd, 2021.

Per User

$ 10 / month
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Dynamic Relations
  • Full B.R.E.A.D. Functions
  • Custom Actions
  • Segments
  • Custom Views


If you’re looking to purchase for 10 or more users, please reach out.

Also includes:
  • Deploy on Premise
  • Custom Integrations
  • Priority Support